‘A Lament to Lost Polyphony’


Inspired by last year’s celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Sheppard this programme excitingly unearths previously lost works by the sixteenth century master. Alongside this: Sheppard’s magnificent ‘Gaude Gaude Gaude Gloriosa’, two new works by Ben Rowarth that take direct inspiration from the sixteenth century, the stunningly beautiful Tallis Lamentations, some of the best of William Byrd, and the surprisingly varied and contrasting works of Lassus, Lobo and Don Fernando De Las Infantas on the continent. The music of Sheppard and his contemporaries performed with innovative use of space; the programme will explore the historical turmoil that led to the breakdown in use of ‘old style’ English polyphony and development of a totally new way of writing, by some composers, and all out political rebellion by others.